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New Member

Plz I want firmware RV042 Beta

I Beta Firmware RV042 I wanted to test it include pdf from the solution.

Send to email I would be very

Thanks Cisco

New Member

i would like to test also

i would like to test also please PM me i have a open case number 629864929  you can reference - thank you in advance




New Member

I'd like to ask whether any

I'd like to ask whether any new firmware for RV042 can handle an actual dyndns replacement ?

Dyndns is shutting down its free service on 5-7-14, and I suggested my boss to go with more than 50 RV042s instead of a openwrt solution. Well will not buy 50*$20 to get into commercial dyndns service.

More than half of the RV042s are the V1 version, which seems totally forgotten to be supported.


My boss is quite angry on me. I'll never go with cisco again if there's no solution to this.



This forum doesn't allow my to open a new topic, so I put this under "new firmware".



nebelfuerst, To make a



To make a feature request to allow additional dynamic DNS services, please open a case:


Also, I know that is no longer offering the free service (I have used it for several years), but my understanding is that $25/year gets you 30 hostnames. So for $50/year you could cover 60 different sites which is much more reasonable than a static IP address at each site. For a single site like I have, I am now using and updating via an IP camera on the LAN.


If enough people open a case and make a feature request for (or other free dynamic DNS) to be added, Cisco will likely add the option in a future firmware.


- Marty

New Member

Thanks for your reply. Due to

Thanks for your reply. Due to legal reasons, we cannot share one dyndns account, so the bill will be $20*50 = $1000.

As more than 50% of the routers are RV042 V1, I doubt, there will be any support from cisco for this routers I bought 3 years ago.

Beeing a sw engineer, I requested the GPLsourcecode for RV042's to add a different dns on my own... but as most of the package is bin only, I failed.

I guess it was a stupid idea of mine to go for a closed source router for a vpn infrastructure. If I fail to fix a litte dns-string, there's no chance to fix a bigger security issue in time.




nickbunyawat, In order to get



In order to get access to beta firmware, you will need to open a case and the case must be escalated to Level 2 support. You cannot get beta firmware here.


Please see the following link to open a case:


- Marty

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