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Port Forwarding Multiple Public IP Addresses

Hello all,


I have recently purchased an RV320 to replace an older Cyberguard SG 565.  I have setup the primary WAN interface with a Public IP address and have port forwarded HTTPS traffic to an internal web server.  However, I also need to forward traffic for SMTP, HTTPS on two additional Public IP addresses.  On the old device I could configure the additional IP addresses as aliases on the WAN interface and create the necessary port forwarding rules.  However, in trying to configure the RV320 the only way I have found to use multiple public IP's is to use the One-to-One NAT functionality.  This is fine but I have not found a way to limit the traffic to just certain protocols (e.g. SMTP, HTTPS).  It appears the One-to-One NAT is allowing any traffic to pass that is open on the internal server. 

The configuration I have is working however I would prefer not to have any extraneous ports open.

How do I setup any firewall access rules or port forwarding rules so that only desired traffic is allowed to pass through the additional IP's?



Wayne Jones

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