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Possible RV320 Firmware Bug with Feature Suggestion

I have noticed what might be a small firmware bug.  If you go to the Log --> System Statistics page, the Sessions and New Sessions/Sec counters always remain at 0, even with several workers actively online.


As a general rule, I find total sessions and sessions/sec to be useful for getting a snapshot of how busy the router is at any given time.  I would like to see this working correctly.


In addition, I would like to see total sessions, sessions/sec, current CPU usage along with load average , and unit temperature all available on the System Summary page.  I would also like to see CPU usage along with load average available at the top of the page on the Log --> System Statistics page.

When I say load average, I mean the part of the output of the linux uptime command that shows the system load the past minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes.




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