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PPTP VPN problem with RV220W

I set up a PPTP VPN with an RV220W recently.  It was working flawlessly until a recent power outage and now users are getting the 807 error when attempting to connect.  I have PPTP passthrough enabled and TCP/UDP 1723 open.  As far as I can tell GRE 47 is open as well.  Any ideas why it was working and is not working after a power outage?

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PPTP VPN problem with RV220W

Hello Leslie, it is likely impossible to tell what may be the failure if it is directly related to an act of nature affecting the device.

The best anyone could recommend is to reinstall the firmware and reset the device and see if it works the way you had it.

But to clarify, are you using the PPTP server portion of the router or do you have a PPTP server on the local network behind the router? Typicaly all ports involved with PPTP are already factored in when the router is the PPTP server so it is unclear what is the server since you made mention of those ports.

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PPTP VPN problem with RV220W

Thomas, thanks for the response.  The PPTP server is on the local network behind the router.  I agonized with trying to get QuickVPN and SSL VPN to work on this device but finally got the PPTP behind the router working.  It turns out that someone in the office made changed the network card from static to dynamic.  Unfortunately I didn't notice this issue until I already deleted my rules, and of course didn't back up the config before doing so.  Live and learn I guess.  I'm going to continue working on this.  Thanks again for the response.

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