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Preparing my first cisco sa520. Got some questions.


We recently made an order on a sa520 and consider I have little networking experience i thought i would prepare myself as much as possible.

Let me explain the setup i plan to run:

Our ISP provides 5 static ipadresses.

isp ->    
ipadresses (77.40.xx.190)

Router ->       
Servers:The serveres should recieve a local ip aswell as a IP on the outside so others can reach it(ip forward)

Example: Server local ip is but can also be reached on  77.40.xx.190 by others that is not on our localnet.
server1: -> 77.40.xx.191
server2: -> 77.40.xx.192
server3: -> 77.40.xx.193
server4: -> 77.40.xx.194

Regular desktop computers on the network should have one external IP but different IP on the local network. I plan to do this with DHCP

Computer1: -> 77.40.xx.190
Computer2: -> 77.40.xx.190
Computer3: -> 77.40.xx.190
Computer4: -> 77.40.xx.190
Computer5: -> 77.40.xx.190
Computer6: -> 77.40.xx.190

I have read the manual and tried to find the information i need so i get put this together as fast as possible when i recieve the router.

Is there a way to give computersa static internal IP based on theire MAC adress?


The computer with the following mac adress(00-0C-F1-56-98-AD)

should always get as a local ip adress?

If that works, can i then use the following manual example?

Im sorry for im a bit unclear here. I will elaborate if something is unclear.

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