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problems in dual WAN mode with RV082

Dear Sirs,
I'm writing to you because I have some problems with my RV082 in dual WAN mode. Usually I use two ISP:
- the first ISP is Fastweb that provides its services using the fiber optics so I connect its HAG directly to the WAN1;
- the second ISP provides a normal ADSL service so I use a Linksys AM200 modem, in trasparent mode, to the WAN2.
I use this last provider because I provide the remote assistance service so I need of a pubblic IP address that Fastweb doesn't provide but, when I use both providers, the RV082 doesn't work correctly. Even if I set the services (HTTP, SSH, VOIP, SMTP, POP3, etc.) in the System Managment/Dual WAN/Protocol Binding and the priorities in System Managment/Bandwidth Management/Priority, the router has anyway difficoulties to address the services correctly so, for example, I need to reload a web page or I need to remake a VOIP calling because the router losts the services. If I set the router just to use the WAN1 all services work regularly.
I read in some forum that this is an intrinsic factor of RV series, indipendently of firmware (my version is 1.3.98-tm) or setup so, in these forum, they advise to change brand.
I hope it's not true! Please, can you help me to solve this problem?

Best regards,


Cisco Employee

Re: problems in dual WAN mode with RV082

I would recommend  calling the Cisco Small Business Support  Center, this could be a configuration  issue

a list of phone numbers can be found  at :

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