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Problems with a RV016 combined with a WRVS4400N


I just installed a new RV016, and have it up and running currently using just one WAN (cable) on the Internet2 port. Just FYI I do plan to have a second WAN on Internet1 (DSL) once I get this next step working and want that to be the dafault provider, hence the use of Internet2 for this first connection.

I already have a WRVS4400N installed that has a whole network on it that will be independant to the new the network and am trying to connect the WRVS4400N to my RV016. It is currently plugged into port 8 of the RV016 and the port is currently set to VLAN2.

I know just enough to be a danger to myself here. :-) The RV016 is using the default IP of while the WRVS4400N uses

I do know that "Typically, a Cisco RV0xx Series router is used as an access router, with a single LAN subnet. By default, the firewall is pre-configured to deny LAN access if the source IP address is on a different subnet than the router’s LAN IP address. However, you can enable multiple subnets to allow this router to work as an edge device that provides Internet connectivity to different subnets in your LAN."

Hence I have added added the subnet with mask (to the RV016) and have tried switching the WRVS4400N from Gateway mode to Router mode. The RV016 can see it but nothing on the WRVS4400N network has any internet access, while computers on RV016 do. I assume this is because of the firewall blocking the traffic. I'm sure there's something simple to fix this but I don't know what it is.

I know people will advise to use a Access Point rather than the WRVS4400N but for other reasons that's not feasible now.

Any help greatly appreciated,


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Re: Problems with a RV016 combined with a WRVS4400N

With RV0xx firmware 4.x, you need to add an Allow access rule to let the subnet of WRVS4400N have access to the internet. The firmware release note has a note about this behavior.

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Re: Problems with a RV016 combined with a WRVS4400N

Hi Tekliu, thanks for the reply.

I had actually already found your other reply to a similair problem at and have already added the access rule on the RV016 to allow all traffic from the range and unfortunately that didn't fix my problem.


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Re: Problems with a RV016 combined with a WRVS4400N

I had the same issue using RV042 as my gateway and a WRT54GL setup as a router connecting the wan port on the router to a lan port on the gateway.  The RV042 lan is confirgured to use the network and the WRT54GL is connected with a static ip address of and a lan of

I had to do 2 things to get the network routed to the internet.

  1. Add a static route on RV042 to send traffic to the network through
  2. Enable multiple subnets on the RV042 and add to the lan subnet list.

I am now able to get to the internet while connecting to either router and can reach devices from to and vice versa.

Hope this might be your problem as well.

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