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Question regarding RV016 and subnetting

I am fairly new to subnetting and have been reading up on it a little bit. What I want to do however seems to be fairly simple so I am hoping someone can help me out here. On my RV016 I have created a subnet of 192.168.8.x with SNM of I can connect mac computers and configure them with addresses of etc and they can get to the net, as well as talk to computers that are configured with192.168.1.x addresses, this is perfect and the behavior I want to acheive. Essentially I am simply looking to segment out subnets and catagorize hardware devices per subnet, so one subnet houses wifi, perhaps one for servers, one for workstations, one for printers etc etc. However, when I try this with a windows machine (tested using XP as well as W7) and configure it as a 192.168.8.x device, they can communicate to the RV016 router fine, go out to the internet, but they cannot see/talk to any of the networked devices that reside on 192.168.1.x. I can ping the 192.168.8.x windows machines from other mac machines on 192.168.1.x without any delay. (I can even connect to them via IP address SMB protocol, but they do not show up when browsing.) If I put the windows machines back to the main subnet of 192.168.1.x, they can see/talk to all networked devices fine. Is there a way to configure the windows machines so they can be on their own subnet and still communicate to the other devices? Originally I enabled and tested this with the mac devices and it has been working great but I have run into a roadblock now with the behavior from the Windows machines. I appreciate any help/assistance. Thank you.

So basically I want (using my RV016):


192.168.1.x /

192.168.2.x /

192.168.3.x /

192.168.4.x /

192.168.5.x /

192.168.6.x /

192.168.7.x /


to be able to all talk to each other. This allows me to utilize and organize more ranges of ip addressing for new and growing hardware devices, at least that is the intent.

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