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Questions with CiscoRVS4000


We bought 2 CiscoRVS4000 for our branch offices and they work great. I have the following Questions:

1. is there a CLI to the box?

2. What is the latest published firmare?

3. I found a bug int the software. See attached image. Remote managment is enabled but wont allow me to disable it. Same with the HTTPS port. I cant seem to make it not allow remote management. Any solution?

4. I am runinng STAR 9202 CPU and V1.3.1.0 firmware.

Please let me know.


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Re: Questions with CiscoRVS4000


I can't help you with much of it unfortunately!

You are running the latest published firmware according to the Cisco site.

Are they creating a VPN connection between them? That might explain why you can't disable some of the features.


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Re: Questions with CiscoRVS4000

not speaking officially, it appears you have the latest firmware and that CLI is not supported.

hopefully more firmware is coming as there are still quite a few open issues.


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Re: Questions with CiscoRVS4000

It might be effective to access the RVS4000 interface with a different browser.

Instead of Interent Explorer, try changing settings with Firefox. The RVS4000

has intermittent issues when accessed via Internet Explorer - changing settings

and saving the changes reliably, upgrading signature file, etc. all work better

using Firefox.

I have no idea if this is the cause of the remote access snafu but as a general

rule forget about operating the RVS4000 with IE - Firefox works much better.

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