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QVPN, RVS4000 v2 : VPN failing at various points in connection phase

Here is our configuration:

office = RVS4000v02 behind a ComCast modem with a static IP . RVS4000 leads to a CISCO 25-port switch. RVS4000 IP:, handing out DHCP starting at, with static IPs assigned between 100-199.

remote site = LinkSys WRT54GS behind a Comcast modem with a dynamic IP. WRT54GS hands out DHCP on 192.168.0.x . Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows XP Pro SP3 boxes on this network using QVPN to reach office site.

Here is our problem list:

Win7 Ultimate box can not seem to run QVPN properly at all. It hangs on uninstall also. Connection issues include: certificate not found (previously it was found), and when the tunnel did connect previously, it would fail to ping or connect to any office LAN resources. No VPN connection would list on the IPCONFIG -ALL.

WinXP-SP3 box installed QVPN without error, connected, but popped a window that the certificate was not present (it is in the QuickVPN folder, and it is a newly exported certificate). If I ignore the No Cert warning, the QVPN then hangs trying to ping: "Failed to ping VPN router. Ping was blocked, which can be caused by an unexpected disconnect." I can then open the remotelanip.conf file, change the IP it is trying to ping (I changed it to, which IS pingable), then the machine tunnels in. At that point, though, the XP box has no VPN connection listed in ipconfig-all, and can not ping any resources on the LAN. The router at the office site says the tunnel is active.

Additional notes:

I'm not sure where to begin isolating this problem. I get the sense that a large part of the issues are related to QVPN, so we would be open to constructing our own VPN connection if that is possible. Any thoughts?

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