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Remote desktop into network won't work

First time VPN newbie. I need to set up vpn for a friends small  business using RV082 so, as a test, I set it up here at my home using a  very basic config. The network topology looks like:

cloud => cable modem => RV082 => DIR655 => win7 PC

At  a remote site, I fire up QUICKVPN, enter necessary data and  successfully connect. Bring up Remote Desktop and put in the IP of my  home pc and the logon username and, after a minute or two, it says  "unable to connect to the computer" (or words to that effect). My home  PC has been configured to allow remote desktop connections and this has  occured in the past but not since the RV082 installation. There is  nothing in the PC's logs nor in the RV082's logs. What should be my line  of investigation?

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