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Router Question

Hi Folks!

Since my last question regarding wireless routers was so easily answered I thought I'd give this another shot!

The Problem: I'm running out of IP addresses on my network (class C address)

The Evil Plan: Add a second subnet to my DHCP server, make the new subnet my DHCP pool and route between the two subnets (that way I'll increase my IP address pool and not have to touch my existing fixed IP systems. It also gives me a "network management subnet" and a "client subnet".)

I'm having a little trouble picking out a router however. I don't really need a whole bunch of bells and whistles for this project.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Many Thanks!



Router Question


Since you are running out of address on a CLASS C then I would recommend this router.

SA520, SA520W, SA540


Also if you would like to consult with an engineer and give more information about your network, we could suggest a different router depending on your network topology. The SA500 model is at the top of the Cisco Small Business devices.

Cisco Small Business Support Center 1-866-606-1866

Hope this helps,



Router Question


Your "Evil Plan" is actually not a bad idea. Why not use the RV220W for this? You can still use the wireless access point and create multiple subnets and SSIDs to expand your IP pool.

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Router Question

Good suggestion! I will certainly look into it. Sure would be nice to get this project completed with the equipment I already have.

We're only about 100 people now, but quicly growing. I'll need to research to see if the RV220W can handle the traffic (which may be my ignorance kicking in as I'm still learning the ins and outs of routing.)

Thank you for the suggestion!

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