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Router Suggestion

I am looking for suggestions on a router that will support the following.

1.  Multiple client VPN connection.

2.  Multiple host to host VPNs

3.  Ability to configure NAT on each host VPN tunnel independently.

Need for small office.

VIP Purple

What sort of internet

What sort of internet connection do you have (ADSL, VDSL, Cable, Fibre, etc)?  What speed is your connection?  How many users behind the device in the network?

Community Member

Cable Modem

Cable Modem

150 down / 25 Up

30 users

I am currently using the RV042, which is a nice little VPN router that supports multiple tunnels.  My customer is now needs to connect to an outside side source (other tunnels are to their other offices)with another VPN tunnel, but will require NAT on this one.  The RV042 supports NAT, but at an interface level, not tunnel level.

Thank you

VIP Purple

Perhaps consider a Cisco 891F

Perhaps consider a Cisco 891F.

Note you will need to program this via the CLI.

Community Member

This router will support NAT

This router will support NAT across multiple VPN tunnels?  That is my biggest need.  I read through the tech docs, but it did not address that topic specifically. 

VIP Purple

It would be easier if you

It would be easier if you gave a specific example - but in short, IOS has extensive NAT controls and functionality across all layer 3 interface types, including tunnels.

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Customer has 4 offices, each

Customer has 4 offices, each with RV042g.  site to site vpn between each office.  New requirement is connection to servicing vendor, which will require 2 additional site to site vpns.  These VPNs must be NATd.  Need VPN router that will allow NAT across an individual tunnel.  The RV042G will do NAT, but not by tunnel. 

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