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RV 130 / RV130W Pass through speed

I have connected the RV130W to the WAN with a speed of 400 MB/sec. However each LAN Channel only gets 100 MB.

What settings need to be changed in order to get full bandwidth available?

Or is there a technical issue at hand?

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Do the devices connected to

Do the devices connected to the LAN ports support 1000 Mbps? Try to manually setup the 1000Mbps on the Router.

What is the model/brand that you are connecting to the router?

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The Router supplied by the

The Router supplied by the ISP support Gbps - actually I have 400 Mbps supplied. It is a Technicolor TC7230 - most probably a proprietary model. It would also facilitate VoIP. But since the router does not have a firewall, I placed the RV 130W in between the router and the clients.

If I take the RW130W out of the loop, the connected Airport Extreme, the Netgear Gigabit Switch and all the clients have full bandwidth.

So the conclusion is that the RV 130W is somewhere restricting the bandwidth.

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Sorry for the late response,

Sorry for the late response, IMHO try to place a dummy switch between your ISP modem and the RV320.


Did you find a solution to

Did you find a solution to this?  It will be a problem if I implement the rv130 and the lan is only 100Mbps...

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