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RV 180 One to One NAT Issue

Hello all,

I'm currently in the process of setting up a new Cisco RV180 running f/w version and am running into an issue when trying to configure a One to One NAT rule.


We're running on a /29 block from our ISP with the first available IP configured on the WAN interface for clients to NAT out onto the internet.  What we want to do is assign the next IP in our range to an internal server.


I've tried to configure one to one NAT to achieve this.

Private Range -

Public Range -

Range Length - 1

Service - Any


When I apply the rule, everything seems fine for a moment, the host switches to the .11 IP, however within a few seconds pings begin to time out and connectivity subsequently drops on the host.

Any advise on what may be going wrong would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!

Community Member

Can you test the one-to-one

Can you test the one-to-one NAT IP from the Internet? It may not work from the local LAN, at least thats the problem I have.

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