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RV-320 bugs?

Some things that appear to be bugs in the VLAN membership settings:

1,  If you create a vlan how do you delete it, I try and get a message saying "virtual passage range is in subnet, first modify virtual passage range".  Of course I haven't found any reference to what that means.

2,  I can't seem to change a ports untagged vlan, vlan 1 is untagged byt default and if I try to change it to tagged or excluded I get an error which means I then can't set another vlan on that port to be the untagged.  They can't be access ports?

3,  It seems that if I set any single vlan!s inter vlan routing (IVR) setting to enabled I can then ping all vlans.  RV320 5 vlans >> trunk with just 4 vlans >> L3 Sg300 switch with same 4 vlans, svi's on all VLAN 101 is just on the router, I created it, did nothing with it and can't get rid of it.   If I vpn into the router I'm on vlan one and with all the router's vlan IVR settings disabled (also no adv routes) I can't ping anything outside vlan 1, default.  If I enable any vlan's IVR setting, even vlan 101 which only appears on the router I can then ping any SVI on the switch. 

So if I want to have VPN access to anything other that vlan 1 devices on the switch I have to enable any one of the router's vlan IVR settings which makes no sense.  I've tried disabling all the IVR setting and adding static routes to point to the switches SVI and that didn't work.  I then tried static routes from the vlans to just the default vlans svi on the switch and that didn't work.  If I leave any one of the router vlan IVR enabled  and I'm on the local network with my laptop on one vlan connecting to a device on another vlan the connection drops every couple of minutes like there's a loop or conflict.

I'm begining to think I need to make the RV320 flat, forget the trunk to the switch, create a different vlan between the switch and router, assign an ip in that vlan to a port on the switch and change my default gateway on the switch to that ip and then add static routes in the router for each vlan subnet.

Is there any other way to leave the router and switch with the same vlans and trunk that provides vpn access to all the vlans? 

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RV-320 bugs?

I can confirm some of these issues with my RV320. I have the easy vpn configured and can access the default vlan, but nothing on another defined vlan.  I added access rules for the virtual ip range, and even the vpn interface.  Neither of which worked.  I was unsuccessful changing the default vlan to something else. 

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Re: RV-320 bugs?

I was finally able to delete my VLAN in SETUP >Network > Multiple Subnet Table.

To access the VLANs from through my PPTP VPN I created an ACL for the IP range reserved for PPTP client (in my case .230) sourc e LAN, service any to LAN any and that seems to work so far but I'll have to verify later after some time elapses.  So far in my experience with the RV320 if you enable a route for one vlan's subnet or enable any vlan's inter vlan routing then everything works not just what was enabled or route set.   Quircky little boxes.

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