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RV016 and hosting a SIP Server (freepbx)

I've got a freepbx server hosted behind a Cisco rv016 multi wan router. Trying to get extensions outside the network to register on the SIP server using a paid host, registered and updating on the rv016.


RV016 is x.x.x.23

Freepbx is x.x.x.150


I've created port forwards on 5060, 5061, 10000, and 20000.

I've also set firewall permissions on those ports, originating on WAN, going to x.x.x.150 to be all allowed.


When I use an external port checking tool, despite the settings above, it still says port 5060/5061 are closed.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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SIP ALG uses port TCP 5060

SIP ALG uses port TCP 5060 and UDP 5060.  Did you enable both?

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YesPorts 5004 to 5084, and


Ports 5004 to 5084, and 10000 to 20000 

TCP and UDP all forwarded to SIP address


Setup > Forwarding 

[UDP] 5004 ~ 5084 forwarded to voip server

[TCP] 5004 ~ 5084 forwarded to voip server

[UDP] 10000 ~ 20000 forwarded to voip server


Setup > uPNP

UDP 5060

TCP 5060


Firewall  > Access Rules

Allowed : 5004 ~ 5084 UDP

Allowed : 5004 ~ 5084 TCP

Allowed : 10000 ~ 20000 UDP



Port checking tools now say that port is open but 'filtered'

External extensions still not registering.


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