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RV016 Gateway to RV042/RV082 Gateway via Cable is slow

I have Comcast cable setup at the main office (RV016) and also at a remote office (RV042 or RV082) both are their "business" class service. At the main office I have 22Mbs down and 5Mbs up, remote office is 16Mbs down and 2Mbs up. I have verified that I am easily getting that by using various speedtests, i.e. I also can ping between the two sites (20ms and no packet drops) and do directory/file recursions, but when I copy a file between sites I am only seeing like 12Kb to sometimes 25Kb a second transfer rates. I can't figure out why. I would expect much, much higher than this. I have tried various MTU settings and currently have it set on 1428.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?

Thanks in advance,

Garry Clark


Re: RV016 Gateway to RV042/RV082 Gateway via Cable is slow

Not sure from what you stating Garry. What firmware are you currently on?  If the latest, I would try and maximize your router to its fullest potential.  Typically with cable connections the mtus will be 1500, i would set that to manually 1500, then go to system management and set the bandwidth and set the upload and download speed to match what your getting from your ISP.  As another option you can do, you can disable SPI on the wan, this will slow down traffic by scanning packets.  Try this and see what happens.

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