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RV016 installation and printer ( Non-Printing) problems

Now I am not much of a computer geek, All I want to do is set up my new router because all the technical people said I should use a linksys router. Well I got it installed, I can see the web, but my printers do not work. I have IP addresses for them ( the printers), but when my staff comes in on Monday and they can not print, The linksys will go out and the old router will go back in. What is wrong. This seems like a basic subject, but I do not see any discussion on the support site as to how to set up your printers. Or Instructions on how to do that.


Re: RV016 installation and printer ( Non-Printing) problems

Is the IP address of the new router the same as the old router? The default IP address of the RV016 is If your old router was then the static IP addresses on your printers are 192.168.0.x and they will not speak to the new router. If this is correct, the simple fix is to change the LAN IP address of the RV016 to match the old router address. (i.e. To do this, type into the address bar Internet Explorer. You will receive a prompt for username and password. They are both "admin" (no quotes). When you reach the setup page for the router, go to Setup->Network and under LAN Setting change the IP address to match that of your old router. Please reply if you need further assistance.

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Re: RV016 installation and printer ( Non-Printing) problems


Thank you very much, actually I was able to get them working by 2:00AM, I started the router upgrade at 4:30PM because I miss read the instructions to use user name admin and PW admin. We just used admin user name no PW til we realized the error around 8:00PM. Then we could not see the printers, til we changed their IP address to match the 192.168.1.x and took down the individual workstations and rebooted them. Also, the previous system admin has 3 different networks on the system MS network, workgroup, and work group. Again not being the fully knowledgeable network administrator it was a lesson of OTJ ( On the job training) I am still not sure how to eliminate all the working groups and get to just one. But, thank you for your prompt help. If you have more suggestions I am always listening.

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