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RV016 keeps loosing Wan, kind of.Really strange one.

OK, so I have a really strange one happening, hopefully someone with more knowledge than me.

System has been in place for several months, working fine.

Motorola SB6141 cable modem

Cisco RV016 router.

Cisco 16 port switch

Two Ubiquity PicostationM2HP WAPs

20 or so static hardwired devices (Audio-Video gear)

a handful of ipads and customers iphones on DHCP.

For some strange reason, beginning last week, every few days or so, the customer looses WIRELESS WAN. Can not get on the internet using the ipads, iphone, etc.

The ipads can however still see the router, and other LAN equipment.

Now heres the strange part. I can VPN in, and see everything on the network. I can ping the ipads, so they are clearly still connected to the wireless.

If I reboot the Picostation WAPS, no change, they reconnect to the clients, but no WAN internet.

If I reboot the Router RV016 however, they get back on line.

Everything has the latest firmware, DHCP lease is 75 hours (changed from 24 hours thinking that may help)

For what its worth, the DHCP table takes a long time (hour or more) to build, not sure if that's normal.

Help? Please and Thank You.


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