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RV042, 082, 016 with SX300/500 switch open discussion

Hi all, this is an open topic to interopate Cisco small business RV042, RV082 and RV016 in conjunction with the Cisco Small Business SX300 and SX500 switches. Feel free to ask questions in relationship to the RV0XX routers and SX300/500 series switches to optimize your scenario!


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The RV0XX series does not support 802.1q VLAN. To overcome this limitation, we will employee the SX300/500 switch. This topic is also applicable for any other router which does not support 802.1q subinterfaces or VLAN tagging (so long as you know how to operate that router).  In addition, the RV0XX supports only 1 DHCP scope


The dependencies are as follows-


  • Cisco SX300 or SX500 in layer 3 mode
  • RV042, RV082 or RV016 with internet connection


Here is how to configure basic connectivity to make the foundation of your network.


  • Once you have put your switch in to layer 3 mode, change the VLAN 1 IP address to a static IP address, in this case,




  • Create a second VLAN, in this case, we create VLAN 2 with the name Internet




  • Assign a static IP address to the second VLAN you've created, in this case we will be using on a /24 mask for the VLAN 2




  • Assign the switch ports you wish to be a member of the VLAN you created, in this case, I have assigned port 2 to VLAN 2 untagged



  • Enable the DHCP server on the switch




  • Create a DHCP pool, in this case, we will be creating the pool to correlate to VLAN 2 on the 192.168.3.x subnet




  • Log in to your RV0XX router and enable multiple subnet




  • Define your multiple subnet, in this example, network with /24 mask





  • Create a static route to direct traffic to subnet to the VLAN 1 gateway, on this case it is




  • Create a second IP route to direct traffic to the the VLAN 2 gateway, on this case it is




  • Remember we configured port 2 as VLAN 3 untagged. Move a connection to port 2 and verify you receive a proper DHCP address and confirm the internet works





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Re: RV042, 082,016 with SX300/500 switch open discussion

please delete this post

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Community Member

Tom,Where is the part about


Where is the part about the access control lists? It is gone, I guess due to the new UI of supportforums?


I'm thinking you're right.It

I'm thinking you're right.

It looks like the only thing left there is an empty message by me. Another interesting thing (and may be my lack of familiarity), since I created this without a specific forum, I do not really see it any where yet.

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Community Member

Tom,I do own a RV042G, SG300


I do own a RV042G, SG300-10,SG200-26p.

No network experience, this are my first steps in vlan setup.

I made 3 Vlan's : Vlan1 default, Vlan2 and Vlan3

I have made the steps according the pictures,only diferent ip numbers

Now i have inter net on vlan1 on the sg300/200 .

For Vlan 2 and 3 i do get dhcp and can communicate between the 2 switches,i can also ping from vlan 2 to vlan1 or the router and vica versa, but dont get internet connection to it.

I did put the Fa9 uplink set as trunk to the router, what do i miss?






Hi Jos, it sounds to me you

Hi Jos, it sounds to me you are missing static routes on the RV042G router to point back to the switch VLAN IP addresses.


Please reference the 2nd picture from the BOTTOM for the static routes. Also make sure the multiple subnet feature is enabled and specify the subnet IP addresses you are using.

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Community Member

Hi Tom,  Thank for comming

Hi Tom, 


Thank for comming back.

I enabled 2 subnets and

static routes: - hop1 /24 - hop1 /24 - hop1 /24 hop1  /24


Hope this gives the ansewrs.





Hi Jos, where does the 192

Hi Jos, where does the 192.168.1.x subnet come from?


With your set up as it is present. I believe a default gateway on the switch is required because it does not have direct connect route since the switch is unaware of the 192.168.1.x subnet?


You can try to set ip default gateway assuming that is the router default IP interface.

If I'm wrong about the above, here is another possible scenario.

So let's say your router is and one of your VLAN is (this is the native connectivity). Your second VLAN is


The routes would be something like to /24 to /24



-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
Community Member

Hi Tom,The static Ip's i have

Hi Tom,

The static Ip's i have set on the switch are:


Vlan2 192.16820.254/24


Ip of the router is

Thought i did the routing right, but think now i miss understood it all pse advise



Okay, with this in mind, I am

Okay, with this in mind, I am guessing you are interconnecting the devices on VLAN 1, 192.168.1.x network. That also means anything connecting on 192.168.1.x will work on the internet without issues.

I think your routes are right, they seem correct.

The computers you're testing with, what default gateway do they use per different VLAN?

Also, can you try to execute the command on the switch

config t

ip default-gateway


In theory the gateway command above should give an error "this already exist in the route table" or something like that.

Also please post command from the switch "show ip route".


-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
Community Member

Tom,Default gateway for vlan1


Default gateway for vlan1 is all works fine on both switches.

For vlan2 default gateway gives 

This are the routtes i have on the 300-10

IPv4 Static Routing Table
Destination IP PrefixPrefix LengthRoute TypeNext Hop Router IP AddressRoute OwnerMetricAdministrative distance Connected Connected Connected 
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How can i get get the ip route of the switch, must i make a terminal "rs232" connection?


Hi Jos, if you want to use

Hi Jos, if you want to use CLI without RS232, you can go to Security -> TCP UDP services and enable telnet.


Then you may telnet over the RJ45 connection.

The output provided is what was needed. Based off what you're telling me, there isn't a problem. If you want, we can do a quick teamviewer and see if we can see what is the problem.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
Community Member

Hi Tom,Ok, how does

Hi Tom,

Ok, how does teamviewer works?



Hi Jos, go to http://www

Hi Jos, go to and download teamviewer 9. Install it, open it up. Once it is open, send me the meeting code and password via email at

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
Community Member

Did send it

Did send it

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