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RV042 Access Rules not working


I Have a RV042 configured and working but it  appears the firewall rules don't work. Running latest firmware.


Internal  IP

External IP

If i want to enable  say port 5555 only from my ip to the internal address I have done the  following.

Allow Test [5555]  WAN1 ~ Any Always

Allow All Traffic [1] LAN Any Any Always 

Deny All Traffic [1] WAN1 Any Any Always

Deny All Traffic [1] WAN2 Any Any Always

Now it is  simply not working, the rule below is for ping only from my external ip I  have tested it and it works, the rules above have been done the same  way. I have also added the new port in as a service in the port menu.

Allow Ping [0] WAN1 ~ Any Always

If  i allow the port forward it simply opens up for anyone.

How  do I get this thing going please?


Re: RV042 Access Rules not working

Hi nettech,

Did you have an existing access list before you upgraded the software ?


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Re: RV042 Access Rules not working

Hi Dave,

Device was factory reset, then the new image was loaded.

Reconfigured from then on.

It seems strange that its just 3389 with the problem. I do recall reading about others having issues trying to get rdp working on this device.

I have got 2 devices different locations same thing.

Re: RV042 Access Rules not working

Below are the steps to set this up.

First, forward port 5555 to an internal address. This will open up port 5555 to all external users.

Second, add a Deny rule blocking all external ip from accessing port 5555.

Last, add an Allow rule that permits the specific public ip to access port 5555. 

Re: RV042 Access Rules not working

Ah good man,

Of course the RV042 is still in the gateway mode, not router mode.  port forwarding will still have to be enabled to enable access from the WAN to the LAN port number.. darn good catch.

regards Dave

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