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RV042 and Gateway to Gateway VPN

I set up an RV042 to connect via IPSEC tunnel to a client company (gateway to gateway). The connection was successful.  My problem is the client requires us to use non-RFC 1918 IP addresses for the Local group.  Our LAN uses RFC 1918 IP addresses e.g.

We can ping the remote group IP addresses from the RV042 but our LAN workstations cannot see the remote group IP addresses.  When we do a tracert, the results show us that it stops at the RV042 IP address

I tried doing a one to one NAT  with range to 162 to to 127 in the RV042. Our workstations still cannot ping the remote group IP addresses. Further, our workstations cannot get to the internet when I put in the one to one NAT.

Since the one to one NAT does not work (I read somewhere that the RV042 only does one to one NAT for public addresses and not private addresses), then I tried exploring PAT.  I read that one can do this using the UPNP function in the RV042.  As I am not familiar with VPN, I don't know how to set it up.

Perhaps, somebody can guide me on how to resolve this issue. How can I make my workstations appear as in the IPSEC tunnel so that they will be allowed to access the remote group servers.  Can I use PAT?

Thanks in advance.


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