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RV042 and Microsoft TMG site-to-site VPN

Has anyone successfully configured a VPN site-to-site tunnel between an RV0xx and Microsoft TMG?

Are there any walkthroughs or docs out there that provide instructions?


Remote office (2 users) with RV042

RV042 currently set in Gateway mode, simple config allowing local traffic to internet via NAT.

- want to connect VPN tunnel to corp office for local resource access, while still allowing internet bound traffic to go straight out local pipe.

lan ip range: mask

unique ext ip: 209.190.x.y

Corp office running Microsoft TMG.

local ip range:  mask:

unique ext ip: 74.142.x.y

Do I have to switch the RV042 to router mode instead of gateway mode?

Have tried multiple times with Phase I and Phase II combinations

After building the tunnel on the RV042 do I need to manually create the routes and access rules, or shough the device create them for me?

-it does not appear that they are built automatically.

Any advice and guidance is appreciated.

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