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rv042 asymmetric wans?

I have what is probably a fairly common WAN setup: a cable modem that does 2/20 M and an ADSL model that does .5/2M .  as is usual, after 6pm and on weekends, the cable throughput and latency becomes very erratic--probably because the netflix users are coming online.

on my rv042 (just updated firmware), I can either go load-balance or go backup.  I don't know what is better to use in such situations.  recommendations?

in backup mode, how long does it take not to get a response before the rv042 decides to send out the packet over the backup WAN?

I also wonder how the rv042 handles DNS.  does it pull DNS records from both WANs?  when one WAN becomes very slow, will it query the other WAN's DNS?

[maybe I should get a router that by default asks sends packages to both WANs and picks whatever response comes first...just kidding, though for very small package-responses, this would not be a bad thing.]


PS: cisco should consider selling these to home users, too.  all it would take would be a less common IP address than, so that it becomes plug-and-play with most cable/adsl setups.

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