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RV042 dual VPN connections between locations with load balance

We currently have three remote offices connected to the main office with gateway to gateway VPN's over DSL lines and everything is working fine. All offices have an RV042 with current firmware. We have added a second DSL line at every location and want to add a second VPN tunnel on WAN2 from the remote offices to the main office and load balance those. Load balance to the internet with the new lines works OK but the issue is that I can't create a second tunnel on WAN2 with the same network addresses as the existing tunnel on WAN1. It seems like this would be a pretty common thing with a dual WAN router but I'm not having much luck figuring it out. Does anybody know of a way to do what we're trying to do?


Re: RV042 dual VPN connections between locations with load balan


WHile all the RV series Routers provide Dual WAN capability:

Only thr RV082 allows the backup tunnel.  The implementation on the RV082 is not to  create a new, separate tunnel using the backup WAN. Instead, the VPN GUI exposes an  Advanced tab for the primary tunnel, and you complete the fields in the GUI using the backup WAN IP addresses.   I am pretty sure this is not offered on the RV042.  It wasnt last I check, but check your GUI for the above.  If its not there, then you cant do it.

Steve DiStefano

Systems Engineer

US Field Channel Sales


Re: RV042 dual VPN connections between locations with load balan

Yeah, steve the rv082 is the only small business class router we have that has vpn backup.  The rv042 does not have that option.

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