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RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically

  I purchased 2 RV042's (h/w version 3) less than two months ago.  I updated them to the latest firmware (

v4.0.4.02-tm (Jul  4 2011 13:30:56)), did a factory reset to make sure I was working with a clean slate, set up DDNS through DynDNS and a site to site VPN between the two.  Everything was working great for a month, then the DynDNS accounts expired because they weren't being updated.

  I reactivated the names on the DynDNS site, and started to monitor the "last updated" date and time.  After 24 hours there were no updates according to the DynDNS site.  I logged into one of the RV042's, and it said "Dyndns Enabled : Dynamic DNS is updated successfully."  This is a stale message from 24 hours ago when I hit save.

  So I went into Setup | Dynamic DNS | Edit Config and there it also says "Dynamic DNS is updated successfully."  I clicked "Save", status changed to "

Dyndns Enabled : Updating..." for a few seconds, and then back to "Dyndns Enabled : Dynamic DNS is updated successfully".  I refreshed the DynDNS website and it shows the current time (in eastern time, i'm pacfic) as the last time it was updated.  So it works when I manually hit the "Save" button.  Not making any changed, just hitting "Save".

  I've let the other RV042 go over 48 hours and it still hasn't updated.

  So it apears for the time being, I'll have to remember to push the "Save" button once a week to prevent my DynDNS accout from expiring.

  Does anyone have DDNS working in the lastest firmware and h/w version 3?  If so, what is the update frequency?

  I'd like to hear any suggestions on how I might be able to fix this, or if this needs to be fixed in the next firmware release.  Hopefully, I've explained my problem clearly.

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RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically

  If you're having the same problem as me, here's a better solution than clicking "save" before your DynDNS account expires and disappears, or the IP address changes and you can't remote into the router.

  Download the Dyn Updater (current version is v4.1.10) here  It will run on Windows, Mac, Linux.  It serves the same purpose of the router updating your IP address, but it runs on a workstation or server.

  Make sure you disable the DDNS on the RV042 so it doesn't lock your account due to too many updates if the RV042 ever starts to work again.

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RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically

Delete the account info from the DDNS tab, clear all fields and save.

Then backup your configuration-

Then factory restore-

Then restore config

Enter new Dyn account info.

Hope it works.

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RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically

  As I stated in my original post, I did do a factory reset before posting to this forum.  I did more than one factory reset with one of my RV042's, both from the web interface, and with the physical button.  I reentered all my settings by hand, so I'm convinced this is a defect in the firmware.  I'll reconsider my stance if I hear someone that has the same hardware revision and firmware as I do state that it works for them.

  Update to my issue: I flashed the firmware to v4.1.1.01-sp (Dec  6 2011 20:03:18) and the problem is still unresolved.  I'm relying on the Dyndns software service updater which works fine.  It updates the record about every 48 hours.  The RV042's built in DDNS acts the same as it did in v4.0.4.02.


Re: RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically


You might want to call into the support center (1866-606-1866) and open a support case, the engineer will most likely test in lab the RV0xx router with latest firmware to verify this is actual a issue with router and not issue with Dyndns free services. Many customers using the free dyndns service that disables after 30 days are having problem but as for paid services I haven’t seen any cases.


New Member

RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically


I am experiencing a problem with DynDns updater too. For me it seems that the updater (after a public IP change or reboot) only tries to update once, and if it failed then gives up and never tries again.

I have to update manually (pushing the update button) which sooner or later succeeds. (Sometimes the first trial is successful, sometimes only the second or third.)

I have an RV042 (v3) with firmware at 4.1.1 and a DynDns Pro subscription.

I have a site-to-site VPN between two RV042s, both with dynamic IP. When the VPN tunnel drops, I usually detect that one of the public IPs has changed and the router for some reason failed to update DynDns. If I do it manually pushing the update button (one or more times), the tunnel comes up of course.

Again, I suspect the problem is with the updater's "strategy" and timing. Should it wait a bit more after detecting a new public IP and retrying in every 5-10 minutes after a failed update attempt it would be more reliable.


New Member

RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically

Same Problem...  Still not fixed.

Firmware (Jan 18 2012 14:10:55)

Using DynDNS Pro.  ISP changed my ip address on 2 of the routers, and the VPN dropped and the Dynamic DNS did not update.

Status was:  Dynamic DNS function is disabled or No Internet connection.

Internet was working, but obviously the VPN's were down because the Dynamic DNS names were never updated.

I cannot believe this has not yet been fixed.

I will have to disable DynDNS on the Router and use the Windows based updater.

New Member

RV042 Dynamic DNS not updating automatically

@Jake Plugers
We experiencing  the exact same issue.
Has this been solves in one of the firmware updates?

I have Newly buy cisco Rv042

I have Newly buy cisco Rv042 but VPN router Failed to update the dyndns and give this error


Dyndns Enabled : Dynamic DNS function is disabled or No Internet connection


I am confused about wan1 the internet port in VPN router is to make it PPOE or Static in different range m relay my ADSLmodem is in the range ,


what I understand that the Cisco Rv042 is not reaching internet so it can't update the Dyndns , so what is the required action due to make the Rv042 reach internet ,


My connection is


the internet port connected to adsl modem


and the lan1 connected also to the adsl modem


please advice in this case

New Member

I have exactly the problem

I have exactly the problem you describe.

I´ll try to use the DynDNS client software as michaelkehoe suggested, but this it´s an alternative, this don´t fix the issue