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RV042 Firewall Rule Help

I would like to create a rule that that allows computers on the 192.168.5.x subnet to only have internet access (ports 80 and 443).  This is a guest subnet, so do not want them having access to our LAN (which is on 10.x.x.x).  Could someone check attached screenshot and see if I am on the right track?



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RV042 Firewall Rule Help

You're on the right track. If you do have a web server that you want to protect, you would need to add another two Deny rules (http/https) to block the path from 192.168.5.x to 10.x.x.x. 

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RV042 Firewall Rule Help

Thank you, tekliu.  On second glance, priority 4 appears to be a subset of priority 3, and what you suggest would also fall as a subset.  Would priority 3 cover all those bases, and if so, could I just delete priority 4?

I just thought of DNS...would I need to open up port 53 in addition to ports 80 and 443?

I do not have all the hardware in place yet, I am in the planning stages.  Once hardware comes in, I can start to test.

Thanks again.  I appreciate any more feedback I can get.

RV042 Firewall Rule Help

You are right - the priority 4 rule is redundant given the priority 3 rule you have.

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