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RV042 firmware v1.3.9-q50

Dear All,

From where I can download RV042 firmware version 1.3.9-q50 ?

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Re: RV042 firmware v1.3.9-q50

Thank you for contacting us.

All product information for the RV042 can be found here:

About halfway down, you may click on the green rectangular button to access the firmware and other available downloads.

Our older firmware versions are not available on the Cisco website, however, we have two of the newest versions available: and

These two revisions are updated and improve the operability of the features. You can locate the information for the updated firmware revisions here:

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to give us some feedback below.



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Re: RV042 firmware v1.3.9-q50

Dear Lindsey Lewis,

Currently I use version 1.3.12 - 19 but there is a problem when trying to access Setup>Forwarding and Firewall menu - the router is crashing and it must be restarted to recover working... so I search older version 1.3.9-q50 !

Please, can you recover from someware version 1.3.9-q50.

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Re: RV042 firmware v1.3.9-q50

I was having the same problem with the 1-to-1 NAT configuration.  I tried 3 different firmwares, including upgrading to v2.0.0.19tm.  Ultimately, I called support.  They suggested that I use the paperclip method to reset the box.  After holding the reset button in for 30 seconds and rebooting the RV082, it worked like a charm.  Maybe that will help  you.

I will have to qulalify that however.  It would appear that setting up 1-to-1 NAT after changing from the default LAN subnet breaks it.  So, you have to setup the NAT then change the LAN subnet.  Lame, but workable for now.

-Christopher Hunt

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