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RV042 Gateway to Gateway VPN - can't ping through


I've setup a VPN between two DSL lines with two RV042's. Status says they are connected but I can't see any IP's  on the other side of the RV042. I'm using the LocalGroup / on one and RemoteGroup / on the other, then reversed on the 2nd RV042. No errors in the system log.

  This should be working unless I overlooked something. Anyone have an idea on what I need to check?




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RV042 Gateway to Gateway VPN - can't ping through

Hi Doug,

Thank you for posting. In the routers, look at the LAN Subnet Mask settings for the tunnel configurations. It should be Anything else could block you from accessing LAN devices.

Often the end devices themselves will block access because they have some antivirus/firewall software that blocks any traffic that is from a different subnet. I use Zone Alarm firewall and I created a rule to allow traffic from the LAN at the other end of the tunnel.

Please reply and let us know if this helps or if you need additional assistance.

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RV042 Gateway to Gateway VPN - can't ping through

Hello MP:

  Thanks for the reply. I did doublecheck both routers and all the netmask are On the insides of both LAN's, I can ping devices. On the routers, I can ping each other, but not any devices inside the Remote LAN.

Most of the devices on each LAN are "digital radios" so they don't have any antivirus or firewall software. In addition to the radios, there are  2 computers on each LAN, each with the firewalls off and we disabled the AV software.

Both RV042's are running version that was dated Aug 19 2010.

These were bought from the radio vendor and their tech support says the current config should work.

Definately a head scratcher.



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