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RV042 Link Backup vs Load Balance

I've been trouble shooting bandwidth issues for the past 2 weeks and I've reached a point where I need some advice. We have 2 dsl lines coming in and the modem is in bridge mode while the router handles the pppoe information. Each line is 6mb down and .5 mb up. It's crap, yes I know, but this is pretty decent for a small town in the country. To double our bandwidth, I put it in load balance mode. When load balance, I get anywhere from 9-12 down and .8 up. Here's where it gets tricky.

  1. When anything is uploaded, the speed drops from 9-12 down and .8 up to about .2-.7 down and .2 up. I realize that we will lose some down and up speed but I wouldn't think it would be this drastic. Is this normal?
  2. When they upload to a specific https site (file is about 50mb), it never initiates the upload. If I switch it to Link Backup, it will upload fine. I still lose the speed but at least it does something. I've read that some https sites have issues with grabbing data from multiple IP's so I figured this is the case since it's a medical site that was probably developed in house. Is this true?
  3. Does protocol binding work in Load Balance mode? I binded all http and https traffic through WAN 2 interface however, when I do a speed test or check my external IP, it is not indicating the WAN 2 IP address.

Is this a common issue in rv042's or is there a firmware update that solves all these issues?

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RV042 Link Backup vs Load Balance


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RV042 Link Backup vs Load Balance

Charles, I share your frustration.  I don't think you are looking for load-balancing.  I think you are probably looking for bonded ADSL.  The difference being that Bonded ADSL will combine the cumulative upload/download speeds to increase your speed, and load-balancing will provide redundancy and/or help you avoid overusage penalties for exceeding your download limits.

The type of Bonded ADSL that I am familiar with can be accomplished with a Cisco 881 or a Mikrotik router

The RV042 is ideal for a very basic wan-to-wan failover solution, but it certainly has it's limitations when it comes to protocol sensitive applications like https, or vpn

The Cisco 881 SEC-K9 can do the same thing but it costs around $700 whereas Mikrotik has routers less than $250.  (Some of the less expensive Mikrotik hardware takes approx 20 sec to failover)

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