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RV042 Load Balancing - Not Balancing

I recently purchased an RV042 ver.3 Dual WAN router to replace my ver.2 router. I have found that the load balancing feature is not working like it did in the ver.2 router. Using the Nice Trace app on my iPad, I could see the ver.2 router toggle between the 2 WAN inputs. However, the ver.3 router seems to remain fixed on one of the WAN inputs and never switches to the other. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest v4.2.2.08, but that did not change the load balancing. Has anyone else seen this, and is there a fix?

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RV042 Load Balancing - Not Balancing

Is there any particular reason that made you move to the v3 router?  If not, put the v2 one back in service.  Each version of these routers have different issues, and if you have one working that meets all your needs, just leave it alone.

That being said, have you checked the setting on the v3 to see if it's in failover?  Also, are there any protocol bindings?  Have you entered the correct amount of bandwidth for each LAN?  This affects the load balancing quite a bit.    

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