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RV042 multiple ip configuration


I am new to this forum , sorry if this question has got repeated. I have already searched this forum for my queries but didn't found any relevent answers.

Therefore I am posting a new threat.

The details and configration is as follows;

1. I have RV042 configured as Gateway mode.

2. I have 1 no. Master WAN IP and several other WAN ip's as follows;

Master WAN IP : 122.181.9

Subnet Mask :

Configured on WAN2(dmz/internet)port,which is directly connected with ISP provided modem.

My Master WAN IP is working fine and my internet access is OK.

Other WAN IP's are : 122.181.146.x to ........


NOTE : (why did I call Master WAN ip? because I can not configure my other WAN Ip's on WAN port. It is fashion of my ISP provider. I can user other WAN ip's only in dmz or NAT mode. )

I have to configure my other WAN IP's to router , so that I can NAT to my LAN ip and allow external access directly to it.

Issue 1 : IDMZ Can't be use in range, because DMZ Range requires  (DMZ & WAN IP addresses within same subnet)

Please provide some suggestions.!!!!

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Re: RV042 multiple ip configuration

Let me see if I have this correct, you have one physical Internet connection with multiple IPs.  These IPs need to be associated with the systems on the internal network so that they can be accessed from outside.  If this is the case, there's two solutions.

One is to forgo using the router and just connect the systems directly to the Internet connection using a hub or switch.  You will need to make sure the computers are well shielded to attacks as they will be prone to them since they are directly attached to the Internet.

Two is to use NAT one-to-one.  This will allow an external IP address to be mapped to an internal one, allowed a "multiple DMZ" of sorts.  I believe some protection is afforded on the router from attacks, but the systems are still not as secure as one completely behind the router via NAT.

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