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RV042 Need help (2) AT&T DSLs setup. No Internet Access

Small Business setup of a dozen computers.

I am trying to get more bandwidth so have added a second DSL.

I am setting up new RV042 with two AT&T DSLs.

I have only (1) dsl modem ( connected to RV042 to test setup. Have configured RV042 with user name and password for dsl.

dsl modem IP is  (second modem already has default

RV042 IP is

Compter OS is Windows XP

Computer IP is set with Static IP

Computer Default Gateway is set  for

When I try to access the Internet from computer I get sent to ATT with problem and following the on screen suggestions, finally error says I have no Internet Connection.

However I can ping and from command window with this setup.

If I remove RV042 and connect computer to dsl modem and reset default Gateway to ip of modem ( I get Internet Access so It is working.

Why then do I not get Internet access thru RV042?

I turned off firewall on computer.

Set to Load Balance instead of Backup

Set Primary WAN to #1 where I connect to dsl modem.

Turned OFF dhcp on RV042 which is being handled by original modem.

I have not yet talked to ATT support about the RV042 to see if they can offer help.

Any help will be appreciated.


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RV042 Need help (2) AT&T DSLs setup. No Internet Access


Reading over your post its best to give Cisco Small Business Support Center a call @ 1-866-606-1866 and open a support case. We need to get a better understanding on how everything thing is connected and configured. There is a lot of conflicting information and could case possible topology integrity if not corrected.


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