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RV042 one-to-one NAT drops every few hours

I thought I had a simple setup here, but for some reason my one-to-one nat stops working every few hours.  If I reset the router, or even turn a firewall rule on/off that is enough to make it work again.  By "not working" I mean I am no longer able to access the internal IP from outside our network using the public IP defined in the one-to-one NAT.  The one-to-one NAT just redirects to a secondary web server.  Here is my setup:

I have 2 public IP's as follows:
IP 1: 184.XX.XX.166, Gateway: 184.XX.XX.165, Subnet:

IP 2: 96.XX.XX.190, Gateway: 96.XX.XX.189, Subnet:

184.XX.XX.166 is configured as the WAN1 static IP.  The one-to-one NAT has 96.XX.XX.190 going to internal IP

These are the only settings I have changed on the router, other than 3 port forwarding rules for the primary public IP to direct to another private IP.

I did find another post where someone mentioned having this same issue, but there were no replies as to why it would stop working every few hours.

I also understand that with this router the internal IP's need to be on the same subnet for one-to-one nat to work, and they are.  The public IP's use different gateways though... could that be an issue?  I called our ISP and they said the gateway should not be a problem, so now here I am.

Any suggestions?

It is the RV042 V03 with firmware version v4.2.2.08.




RV042 one-to-one NAT drops every few hours


I have never seen this work properly when the WAN IPs had different gateways. The ISP should provide a block of IPs in the same subnet with the same gateway for this to work. Usually they provide consecutive IP addresses.

- Marty


RV042 one-to-one NAT drops every few hours

If it works fine and then stops working after a few hours, and this is fixed by power cycling the router, it's just a bug.

Your solutions are to use a script to reboot the rv042 every few hours or a hardware rebooter to do the same.

You can also try to factory reset it and try just putting in the one-to-one and see if it still fails.  You can also start unchecking other options like the firewall, SPI, etc and see if that helps.

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