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RV042 & QuickVPN - Several Problems / Reconnect timelimit

Hello Everyone,

I have a RV042 with latest Firmware installed on the company side. On my Computer I have the latest version of the QuickVPN Client installed.

The Client-Computer is running Windows VISTA Home Premium... I guess this is the major-problem...

First problem: I cannot use the IP-Adress of the company as the "Servers Address" in QuickVPN. Using the DynDNS-Domainname instead which is pointing to the (fixed) IP-Asdress, works fine.

When I use QuickVPN (same Version) on a Windows 7 Professional System, the IP-Asdress works fine as Server Address" ...

Is there a way to fix this on VISTA?

Second problem: When I start up QucikVPN and connect to the RV042, the connections stays up until I either click on disconnect or shut down my computer. But sometimes (only periodically) the connections breaks up (showing the red line instead of the green circle in the tray). Is there a kind of timeout installed on the Router? If this is so, where can I change it?

Third problem: when I disconnect the QuickVPN client, I cannot reconnect immediatelly. I have to wait about 10 minutes until the connection can be established. I'm getting an error-message like "server is not responding". I have looked up the VPN-status in the routers-setup screen. Even when I click on disconnect in QucikVPN, it says user "xyz" is connected... (I'm using TeamViewer to see the Remote-Screen with the router Login).

It would be great if anyone has one or two clues for me in which direction I have to search for the reasons...

Thank you very much in advance!


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