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RV042 Router VPN Tunnels

I have the following setup using two Cisco RV042 Routers.

Subnetwork A - Main Campus

Cisco RV042 Router connected to a T1 at 1.5M

Router A has a VPN Tunnel setup to Network B which is a different subnet.

Subnetwork B - is at across the street physically

Cisco RV042 Router connected to a DSL at 1.5M

Router B has a VPN Tunnel setup back to Network A on a different subnet.

Both Router A and B have the basic same settings and the VPN Tunnel is working. Each Router and subnet connect to the internet at their respective DSL and T1 lines without issue.

At Site A I have a SIP SV8100 VOIP server and an Windows AD 2008 R2 servers which holds the DHCP and Authentication. Site B has an IP Phone which connects via the VPN Tunnel and works just fine without issue.

At Site B I also have another IP Phone from an outside third party which will connect to it's SIP over the internet if I connect it to the Site A network, but it will not connect if it is on the Site B network.

Here is my question. Can I re-route the IP Phone (third party) through the VPN Tunnel such that it really access the internet via the T1 at Site A instead of the DSL?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Steve Morton

IT Manager - FBCR


RV042 Router VPN Tunnels

Hi Steve, the only way to route all traffic through the RV0XX router VPN tunnel is using ESP Wild Card Forwarding. I am not sure it'd be specific enough for you to do only the one telephone as it is essentially a statement on the tunnel config.

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RV042 Router VPN Tunnels

One other way to router that phone's traffic via the other site's Internet connect would be to pptp into the site a's router and obtain and IP from there.  Then *all* the traffic will tunnel through to site a.  The problem will probably be finding a pptp client on the phone.

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