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RV042 - Specify WAN1 as Gateway and WAN2 as Router -- or Block DCHP requests on Port level???

I have about 12 carts that I take to various events that the several carts need to talk to each other (via wireless bridges via a private subnet) and access the internet.  At the same time, I need to connect to a data stream that is on a shared network resource that I need to protect my clients.  Knowing the RV042 offers Load Balancing on the Dual WAN ports and does Routing...This would be the perfect product.

The Ideal option would be to utilize the RV042 in Router mode for WAN1 and for WAN2 specify as Gateway mode.  I specified Protocol Binding to send certain traffic to WAN2, but because the RV042 is using routing mode, it is not getting the data back from the remote network.  I do not have access or control to make changes to the Subnet/equipment on the WAN2 network.  The RV042 does not allow for split mode operation.

Another possible option is using the Multiple subnet feature, but my problem is with the DHCP on the Subnets on the individual CARTs would cause DCHP address concerns as a client on Cart A could receive a DHCP address from Cart B.  If there was a way to block the DHCP requests from a port, this option could also work.  Then I would have Multiple subnets, then the primary LAN Subnet of the Cart A would only specify DHCP Addresses on Port 1 (Port 1 would go to a LAN switch), Then I would plug my wireless bridge into Port 2 and block DHCP from going out on that port.

As for putting the data feed on the horizontal subnet...I need every stand to be independent of the data feed since data feed since this is hardwired to the cart.  If network failures were to occur, the data feed is the most important.

Attached is a network diagram.  I have a call open with the techs at Linksy\Cisco Small Business.  At first I believed the RV042 would be a solid choice in this configuration and so does the Linksys\Cisco Small Business techs but we are still here looking for a possible solution.  The Techs suggested that I post since the firmware designers on this forum.  I am looking for your help.


(Running latest RV042 firmware, downloaded as of Thursday)


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