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RV042 to RV042 VPN with one end DCHP from ISP

One of the persons in our company wants to have a phone at his home....(not Cisco) as well as connectivity to servers and other resources at our office.  There's talk of using an existing RV042 our office and placing another at the person's home.  The office has a static IP address from our ISP, but at the person's home, it will be DHCP from the ISP.  Has anyone set this up?  Any thoughts or input appreciated.


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RV042 to RV042 VPN with one end DCHP from ISP

Hi Chris,

Having a DHCP address provided from the ISP is OK for forming a VPN if you are using a service such as DynDNS to resolve the IP address using a host name.  However, I would recommend using a static IP for any VPN configuration.  It will ease administration and assure that the router does not need to resolve the DynDNS host name to establish a connection.

Thank you,


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RV042 to RV042 VPN with one end DCHP from ISP

Jason, thanks for the reply....that was pretty much my thought too.  The person who owns the company is pretty insistent that we give this a shot.  His connection is not using DynDNS to resolve an IP address..........


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RV042 to RV042 VPN with one end DCHP from ISP

Hi Jason,

I tested a gateway-to-gateway VPN tunnel with 2 RV042 in this scenario:

One RV042 (let's say RV042-OFFICE) in the office with a one to one NAT on an IP public address, the RV042 has a static private IP address.

the other RV042 (RV042-HOME) at my home connected to my dummy ADSL router.

RV042-HOME received an inside dynamic IP address trhough DHCP. The ADSL router itself has an inside dynamic IP address (not public), because my ISP share one outside public IP address between several inside users. DDNS doesn't work with this kind of ISP.

in the RV042-OFFICE vpn configuration I used the static public IP address + an email adress as authentication for the local group setup. dynamic IP address + an email address for the remote group setup. I also flagged the "keep alive" check box.

in the RV042-HOME vpn configuraion I set dynamic IP address + email for the local group setup, the static public IP address + email for the remot group setup. I flagged the "keep alive" as well.

it works without using the DYNDNS.

I did this test because my customer wants to connect about 1500 little branches (each of them has an ADSL access to internet) to a single center through VPN connections.

He likes this solution, but he doesn't want to use several RV042 at the center, but he prefers one or few VPN concentrators, not 30 of them.


Does someone know any VPN concentrator that accepts at least 500 VPNs, works with the RV042, where the RV042 is the initiator, has a dynamic IP address and cannot use DDNS?



RV042 to RV042 VPN with one end DCHP from ISP

The RV042 administration guide has a config example in one of the appendices.