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RV042 to RV220W

                   Hello All, I have a single IPS connection currently with all routing, Exchange and VPN's going through a single RV220W. The ISP (Cable) has consistantly been having outages so I am forced to try to configure a fail over ISP (DSL) .I have on older RV042 that I was going to use for this.

The VPN's and exchange point to a fixed IP address from the cable company and is assigned to the Wan port of the RV220W, ports for Remote access and exchange have been forwarded to the server inside the LAN.

My question, what is the appropriate setting on the RV042? I would like to basicly have both ISP's forward to the RV220W using toe Cable company as primary. Will this work or will there need specific port forwarding done on the RV042 for both ISP's?

My goal is to keep both inside network traffic flowing to the internet, to maintain VPN Connectivity, and to maintain my remote access and exchange connectivity when the Primary ISP is down.

I am thinking that the easiest way would be to point the RV042 to a DMZ which would be the RV220W. Would like to make sure that is correct before I muck everything up.

Thank you for reading and contributing.

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RV042 to RV220W

Wrong forum, post in "Small Business routers". You can move your posting with the Actions panel on the right.

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RV042 to RV220W

Thank you - I believe I have it moved

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