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New Firmware available for RV340 Series Router family! This includes the RV340, RV340W, RV345, and RV345P

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Community Member

RV042 to RVS4000

Hoping someone can help me out here.   I have a RVS4000 with a normal setup. It acts as the gateway for the office and is setup with a site to site vpn. Everything was working fine till today. It was connected to a RV042 in another office setup in a similar fashion. No problem with the setup for months. Now one of the locations got a new ISP and the ISP's router is acting as the local gateway.  So how can I get them connected if its not the gateway?  Couple of thoughts.  One, I was thinking that I could do a one to one nat and give the RV042 a public ip and have the RVS4000 connect to that , but it I don't know if that would work, or how to set it  up if it did.  The one to one is easy enough and would be setup on the ISP's gateway.  The second thought was to port forward from an existing ip and have it hit the RV042 (tcp port 500 and udp 50 & 51?).  Either way the RV042 is no longer the gateway, so I'm not sure if it'll work or if I just need to go back to the isp and ask them what they can do.   THanks                  

Community Member

RV042 to RVS4000

THe ISP ending up helping me out.  The RVS4000 got pointed to the public side of their gateway and we created a site to site between those two.  The RV042 was removed completely. 

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