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Good day,

I need to establish IPSEC VPN connection to some remote site. The two site have to communicate over IP, so on one end ti will be SIP PBX, and on the other side we will have an agents with sip phones

There will be at max 60 channels up between agents and pbx through RV042 VPN's at both side (with IPSEC between them) So I am wondering is is it possible to have a good voice quality in configuration like this? How many pps is possible to go through whis VPN

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Re: RV042 VOIP


I don't know if this directly applies to your situation, we are testing a main office with an ASA5505 and teleworkers with RV120W routers. We setup IPSec tunnels from each RV120W Bach to main office.

The teleworkers have 1 or 2 PCs and an IP phone. The main office has the servers including an Astrisk phone server.

Removing filters and including the remote sites subnet in the Astrisk SIP configuration information was painful to troubleshoot.

Hope this was useful.


Re: RV042 VOIP

The RV042 datasheet has VPN throughput of 59 Mbps with 1500-byte packet size, which translates to 4.9K pps.

If it turns out that RV042 does not have enough horsepower, you could upgrade to RV082, which has VPN throughput over 90 Mbps.

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