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RV042 VPN - FIREWALL rules setup problems Virtual IP

Hi all,

I am trying to build VPN that connects one place with the other network. Source network uses public IP address, that is the only address from which the resources behind the RV042 router (on destination network) are acessible.

I have set up Client > Gateway VPN tunel. It connects sucessfully, but then I was not able to ping inside the VPN. I have read like 1000 of various posts, but none was realy describing my issue.

After several days of experimenting I was playing with firewall rules and I have tried to add not only the public IP adderess of source network, but also the virtual address of the network card say and as a souce interface WAN1.

So if I add and open needed ports I am able to connect as expected.

My question is this something that should be done? From my underestanding of VPN the packets are treated as comming from the source public IP address and unpacked by RV042 "behind" the router right?  So why adding it into firewall comming from WAN1 worked? Isnt it dangerous? Then anyone who connects to my router to wan itnerface with will be able to pass throuh.

By the way is it somewhere described what ports I need to keep open just to be able to ping via VPN and access shared storage?

Thanks a lot.




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