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RV042 VPN issues

i have 2 rv042 router connected via vpn.

theyconnect fine.and i can ping various pc's and servers from various pcs back and forth without problem.

the problem i am having is i cant access any files or network resources across the vpn.

i have dns and wins pointing to other network, but when ping by name host is not found.

also trying to access by \\ times out.

what am i missing to get this to work.

thanks in advance

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Re: RV042 VPN issues

If you check under the advanced button on the screen of which you configured the tunnel, you will find the "Enable Netbios" check box. That should be checked to allow you to resolve hostnames through the tunnel.

The second part of your question has to do with windows file sharing (just assuming you are using windows). Depending on your OS, you could do a search on the net of how to setup file sharing for your system. File sharing MUST be enabled (in windows) for you to access files on another pc.

Try a successful ping to a remote host with file sharing enabled and then try accessing the files on that same pc via the \\ address.


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Re: RV042 VPN issues

thanks Bill, i had the checkox enabled on 1 router but not the other, i can now ping address by server name and ip address.

however i stll cannot access anything either via ip or name, i cant even browse a web site accross the network, ie the web page for printer setup on a copier.

file shaing is setup correctly as the servers sharing files are shareing just fine on the network they are on.

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Re: RV042 VPN issues

This sounds like a windows issue. What OS are you running on the requesting machine? Are you able to try this from an XP host on the network? Check your firewall and antivirus settings on each machine and make adjustments accordingly. It might be best to give Microsoft a call for a better answer than I can give with operating system tweaks. Please post your fix when you acheive one. I'm sure others have come into this issue and found the magic settings for their machines.


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