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RV042 - WAN problem - no IP from ISP recieved


i have a problem with RV042. My ISP gives me automaticly IP address and i had no problems using different types of routers to get the IP. With RV042 i just can't get it. It says, the port is up, i see the packets/traffic, front control light is blinking but it never recieves the dhcp settings, doesn't matter if i use wan1, wan2, dual wan mode or single wan. I have the newest firmare System statistics says "disconnected" but the packets come in and go out. Log shows absolutely nothing. I also disabled firewall but it didn't help. I can't seem to find the older firmware. Any idea what it could be ?

p.s. it's not problem of my isp because if i switch it for another router, the IP is recieved almost constantly. Also there are no protections for MAC's from ISP side.

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Re: RV042 - WAN problem - no IP from ISP recieved

try to disable firewall, maybe its not work properly. a have such problem with PPPoE.

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Re: RV042 - WAN problem - no IP from ISP recieved


i did disable the firewall and as i wrote, it didn't help.

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Re: RV042 - WAN problem - no IP from ISP recieved

Sr. Martin: in order to correct this issues, you should performed these steps.

- Factory default the router

- Down load the latest firmware from

- Upload the firmware  again

- Factory default again

- Do not uplaod the old configuration

- Reinstall the configuration manually

Connect your computer directly in the 1,2,3, or 4 ports of the router, once you access to the interface then click the setup tab at the end click the MORE... tab, that will take you to the MAC CLONE tab, click on it, then; high light the MAC ADDRESS FROM THIS PC botton.

If this does not worked please contact us to 1866-606-1866 US/CANADA.

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