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RV042 wan2 shows red light on internet connection

I set up my RV042 with two ISPs, one charter internet and the other AT&T

DSL.  My DSL modem all of a sudden shows a red light over the "internet" slot

showing that it's not working.  When I remove the modem and hook up to a PC, it works fine.  When I put back into WAN2 slot, the red light comes back on.  I have it set up to find IP connection automatically.  It has been working for  a day or so, but now this crops up. I check with ATT support and they verfiy the modem is okay and getting a signal when I connect to PC.


Re: RV042 wan2 shows red light on internet connection

Hey donald, it looks like your running the second wan as a failover, when the router displays a red led it means the wan or device is not ready to use.  If the wan port is red and the other one is working, it could be that since the device is not using the wan, that its not in use. 

I would swap the wan connections and see if you see the same thing on the secondary wan.  This will identify if it is associated to just that connection or the second wan.

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Re: RV042 wan2 shows red light on internet connection

Hi Donald,

Can you clarify this is a red light on the Modem, or Router?

I would gather if it's the modem it's because PPPoE authentication has not taken place.  If you put that WAN Link as the primary (or in WAN 1) does the light go green and allow internet access?

Since failover works on a single WAN interface at a time, this would be expected behaviour.  Please also double check that your PPPoE credentials are entered correctly for the offending WAN interface connected to that DSL modem.


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Re: RV042 wan2 shows red light on internet connection

AFter I posted the problem, my DSL modem just started its normal green light and never (almost never) went red again.  The big problem is that when my cable modem went down for repair to cable, my Internet went down also.  I wanted the dual wan router to make sure that when I was online that if one ISP went down I would have an automatic back up.  I also wanted bonding or binding where with two ISP's I would get a combination of speeds to one large speed, but obviously the RV042 does not bond to an aggregate speed.  I saw in your reply that you mentioned PPPoE setup.  My DSL is set up along with the cable modem to "automatically obtain the IP address."  Is this the wrong setup?

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