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RV042 - Web Interface & ACL Issue

Hi. My first post on the forum. Being a complete beginner, I'd like to apologize right at the outset if I'm posting this thread in a wrong location.

First of all my setup:

2 x WAN:

(1) ADSL Router, 1Mbs uplink, 7Mbps downlink (unmetered)

(2) FTTH ONU, 1Mbps UL/DL CIR (0800-2000 hrs on workdays, metered with 20 GB limit); 5 Mbps shared UL/DL (2000:0800 daily and Sundays, unmetered)


WAN(1) -----------------

                                  RV042 (Load Balance mode) -- HUB -- L3 Switch (VLAN connectivity) -- Wireless P2P Link -- Wifi Router -- (My laptop)

WAN(2)  -- Firewall --

Coming to the issues that I'm facing:

1. Web Interface access:

I can easily manage the RV042 anywhere on the network segment before the L3 switch via web interface. However, I cannot access the web interface on my laptop. All other services and the internet work fine though.

2. ACLs

I have not as yet figured out any way to come up with a time barred ACL by means of which I may only allow load balancing over the metered connection (WAN2) in the happy hours  and keep it as standby failover to WAN during metered hours. For that, I have currently placed a firewall having a timed policy that throttles the WAN2 to (64 kbps up / 256 kbps down) during metered hours and unlimited during the other.

The issue that I face is that the rv042 keeps switching WANs and I get really jerky response.

I would request the able senior members for both guidance and a resolution to my problem

Best regards,

Rehan Alvi


RV042 - Web Interface & ACL Issue

56 views and not one reply .. stuck here, please.

New Member

Re: RV042 - Web Interface & ACL Issue

Hi Rehan, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community.  I apologies for the inconvenience you are having with your Router, did you try to use a different browser such as Mozilla, i.e 9.0  in order to resolve this issue? If not, I advise you to try to access to the device from the laptop using other one browser. Now, if the issues continue, could you share with us the error you are receiving? And also it could be a connectivity issues, you could see if you can reach the router.

If I am not wrong, you are trying to configure your load balancing per schedule, following the admin guide this kind of feature is no possible, the only thing that you can do is enable and disable the feature in the moment that you want to use it or not, you are able to find more information in the admin guide here in Setting Up Dual WAN and Multi-WAN Connections section.

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias.

Cisco Network Support Engineer.

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