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RV042G Not Getting Full Bandwidth on WAN

I read earlier posts that state it is a known issue that the RV042G doesn't provide the full bandwidth offered on the WAN port.

I upgraded my firmware to that is the latest available. The release notes state that it does resolve the WAN issue regarding bandwidth, however I am still having the issue.

I use Verizon FiOS, static IP, with their 150/65 plan. When directly connected to a laptop from the FiOS connection (Ethernet line directly from their ONT, not MoCA), the laptop's Ethernet connection comes in at 155/73 on a speed test. When conducting a hard-wired speedtest with the same laptop connected to the LAN on the RV042G, the download speed only reaches 110. Upload bandwidth is unaffected and comes in at roughly 73.


Does anyone have any suggestions to try? I did open a case with Cisco yesterday and they will be contacting me back on Monday. But figured it couldn't hurt to also ask the forum too in case there is something I am missing.




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Just to add an update: I

Just to add an update: I disabled the Firewall and ran a speed test. The speeds are fine (153/73) when the firewall is off. When it's enabled, the download speeds from the WAN take a hit of ~50 megabits. However I do not feel comfortable using the router with the firewall off just to obtain full speeds from my ISP.

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Sorry for "talking to myself"

Sorry for "talking to myself" here.

I did some experimenting. I saw that under Firewall---Content Filter there was a default Forbidden Domains list enabled. As an experiment, I turned it off, and ran a speed test. BINGO! Full speed. Re-enabled the Forbidden Domains list, and the speed was slow. So I switched this part of the firewall off.


Any ideas why the content filter forbidden domains would cause such a drastic reduction in WAN speed? I'm going to inform Cisco of this when they call me tomorrow about my pending case.

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OK, Cisco called back.

OK, Cisco called back. However, since my RV042G is over a year old, they said they cannot help me or escalate the issue. Seems odd to me, as this is a firmware issue. He even said that if the new firmware wasn't public yet, that I would need a support contract to get any beta firmware that would address the issue.


This doesn't make any sense to me, as this is clearly a software issue and not fault of my own. I guess for now I'll just leave the "Content Filter" options disabled as that fixed the issue. Wish they would've taken the time to actually document this and pass it along to a higher level for investigation. Support should be given for those with firmware issues. I can see other support problems, but for something you cannot really control, they should still support you.


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