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RV042G VPN connected - can access XP shares but not Win 7

We have a gateway to gateway VPN configured with two RV042G's. The VPN connects and I have access to both sides of the network if the hosts are XP machines or Windows 2003 server. If I try to access any Windows 7 host and if the firewall is on for that host, the connection is refused. No firewall log entry placed on the Windows 7 machine. If I turn off the firewall on the Win 7 machine, I can connect and see any shared folders, etc. This is also true with a Windows 10 OS. All of these Win 7/10 machines are accessible via their local networks but not accessible accross the VPN.

I've narrowed it down to the Private Profile that is blocking the incomming traffic (turning it off in Windows Firewall properties) but don't know what ports it is blocking. I've tried opening ports 47, 500, 4500, 5000, 1723, 10000, knowing these are more for Windows created VPN's, but no luck. I just don't know the ports to unblock (if it is a port issue). Looked through quite a few forums with no luck... some allude to this issue but nothing concrete. It seems to be something in the VPN translation but I'm at a loss where to look next. 

Any clues out there? (as I continue to look)


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