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RV042v1.2 & Newer Cisco Small Bus RV042 Compatible?

One of our locations recently upgraded their VPN router from a Netgear FVS318 to the Cisco Small Business Router RV042

My location uses the Linksys RV042v1.2. We can't get the VPN to connect. The VPN set up screens are similar, but there some parameters that we had to adjust.

The SA Lifetime parameter for the Cisco Router defaulted to 86400 Secs (Phase 1 & 2)

The SA Lifetime parameter for the Linksys only goes to 28800. So we adjusted the Cisco RV042 to match out Linksys RV042.

That's the only difference in the screens that I see. The Cisco has additional paramters under "Advanced", but they're all unchecked by default.

When they shipped the Netgear FVS318 over to us, we get the VPN to function, however, the Netgear has a max throughput of 10Mbps. (we get 4-5Mbps on The RV042 gives me over 40Mbps (Optimum Business w/Ultimate)

I tried both firmware updates on the RV042v1.2

    RV042 v1.3.12.19

    RV042 v1.3.13.02

Anyone know of compatibility issues between the different versions of the RV042?



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RV042v1.2 & Newer Cisco Small Bus RV042 Compatible?

Yes, they are compatible and, in fact, you could use the migration utility to convert a Linksys RV042 config file into a RV042 V3 config file.

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RV042v1.2 & Newer Cisco Small Bus RV042 Compatible?

I knew about the migration......wasn't helpful here.

The problem is that the location that uses the newer Cisco RV042 didn't have an older RV042, I do. They upgraded from a

Netgear FVS318. They sent me their screenshots for the VPN set up and I wasn't able to get the Linksys RV042 to connect.

They sent me their old Netgear unit, I enter the VPN parameters, and it connects.

The only differences I see is the SA Lifetime (Phase I and Phase 2) parameters. The Cisco RV042 was set for 86400. The Linksys RV042 only goes up to 28800. I had the other location decrease the SA Lifetime to 28800 to match mine.

No connection.......

In the meantime, I now have to use the Netgear which maxes out at 5-7 Mbps while the RV042s' give me 40+ Mbps.



Re: RV042v1.2 & Newer Cisco Small Bus RV042 Compatible?

If you could give SBSC a call, a support engineer should be able to help you get the tunnel between two RV042 routers (v1.2 or V3) connected.

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RV042v1.2 & Newer Cisco Small Bus RV042 Compatible?

Currently having similar problem. Have a three site network that was built before the new RV hardware revision was released, one with an RV082 and RV042s at the other two. Had backup routers for each model. One of the RV042s failed, out of warranty, so the backup was put in place and a new backup was purchased. All was good. Now a second RV042 has failed and the new hardware version backup was put into service. Problems is neither of the gateway to gateway tunnels to the other two sites are working with the new router. We have double and triple checked that the settings mirror that which was used before.

The new hardware  version was bought almost 2 years ago and is out of warranty so Cisco is refusing direct support without paying even though it was just put into use and was a backup, which for a network that is needed is good practice to have spares on hand.

To me there is something clearly wrong with the newer hardware or the firmware it is running. If there was a security patch that breaks connection with older firmware and update needs to be released for the older hardware to allow it to work with the newer version again.  If there is by chance any known settings to avoid using on the new hardware/firmware or tweak to make it work I'm all ears. The thought of having to replace the hardware at all sites because of this type of issue will honestly likley drive us to buying from another manufacture if it comes to that.

RV042v1.2 & Newer Cisco Small Bus RV042 Compatible?

Hi John,

Can you share printscreens of the configuration of the 2 devices. As well, if you can capture and show the logs, it could help




RV042v1.2 & Newer Cisco Small Bus RV042 Compatible?

I've run into things like this when connecting non-rv series vpn routers together.  Try adjusting the mode (agressive vs main) as well as the encryption protocols used.  I recently couldn't get a trendnet router to connect to one of my rv016s unless it was 3des/sha1.  Odd how buggy everything is in the vpn world.

One a related note, how fast are your site-to-site vpns with the rv042?  I don't think my rv016s are running at the proper speed...

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